Emergency Lighting

On 27 December 2013 the Irish Standard for the provision of and maintenance of emergency lighting came into force

It is Irish Standard I.S.3217:2013 Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is provided for use when the normal supply fails and therefore must be powered from a source independent of that supplying the normal lighting.

Normally escape route lighting is to provide adequate visual conditions and directions for safe passage on escape routes and allow occupants to reach escape routes from open areas. It will also allow fire alarm panels, call points, firefighting equipment and safety equipment to be readily identified. It will allow hazards such as stairs, changes in direction and intersections to be identified and should provide adequate external illumination at final exits.

Horizon Safety Systems have a dedicated team working exclusively at emergency lighting system where we can provide emergency lighting for any premises no matter how small or large and can supply standard conventional systems up to complex addressable systems. Horizon Safety Systems is an agent for Hochiki Firescape addressable system. We are happy to quote for the supply, installation and maintenance of the emergency lighting system in your premises.

Horizon Safety Systems engineers are Fetac Level 6 certified for emergency lights.

The Firescape system is a unique addressable emergency lighting system designed in Finland and manufactured in the UK at Hochiki’s state of the art manufacturing facility. This system uses high intensity LED luminaires connected to a proprietary loop that are individually monitored and can be programmed to come on at different intensities for different inputs, normally for local lighting supply failure but also for inputs such as occupancy sensors being operated.

Firescape can provide very significant cost saving, through lower energy usage, and very much lower maintenance costs.

For new builds and retro-fits Firescape is versatile and cost saving and Horizon Safety are happy to discuss this with you and offer you a quote—Please give us a call !!