Servicing & Maintenance with Horizon Safety Systems

It is the law to have a service contract for your fire alarm system(s). Why?

Compliance with legal obligations
Fire Standard IS3218; 1989 states the following: Clause 29: 1 Service ‘ to give greater assurance of reliability, correct servicing is essential’ also ‘ A servicing agreement should be made immediately on completion of the installation whether the premises are occupied or not .’

24 Hour callout service and at a reduced rates
If you have a service agreement with Horizon Safety Systems and your fire alarm detects a fault, regardless if it is the middle of the day, night or weekend, just call the 24 hour mobile number, situated on your main fire alarm panel and receive free technical support. If the problem cannot be rectified we guarantee we will have an engineer on site within 24hours.

Absolute confidence in your safety equipment should an emergency occur
If you have a service agreement, routine service is carried out, ensuring your fire alarm system and equipment are working correctly. If any of your equipment or system is not up to standard we will make recommendations and issue a quotation to carry out these works.

Identification of system faults before a problem occurs
On routine servicing Horizon Safety Systems can detect faulty devices or equipment and will automatically replace same immediately. In the event of a fire this would ensure the quickest response in the fire alarm system activating.

An agreed maintenance schedule
When a service agreement is signed with Horizon Safety Systems, you no longer have to worry about remembering to get your fire alarm serviced as we do that for you. We will contact you and make you aware your service is due and let you know when we will be carrying out same.

The support and knowledge of one of the top fire protection companies in Ireland
With a service agreement in place you can have peace of mind as some of our engineers have up on 30 years experience in the fire alarm industry. Our highly trained engineers will ensure worry free protection 365 days a year and they know they are doing an important job, helping to save people’s lives.

If you purchase a servicing agreement with Horizon Safety Systems we will send a service engineer to site an agreed number of times a year, with the intention of servicing the fire alarm system. We will also bring to your attention anything we find wrong with the equipment and carry out extra works or repair works if within reason. The agreement covers the fire alarm system, but may also cover emergency lighting system if requested.