Graphics System

graphics-systems-irelandThe benefits of the graphics are confidence and peace of mind with a secure system, no individual dependency as the system offers the option of multiple users, flexibility and shared responsibility with the advantage of multiple PC workstations, Application specific and user choice, ease of use and maintenance, active response and easy to view, accurate data collection and records, and compatible with standard pc specification.

Each operator is issued with a unique password to protect the system configuration and control access to areas of the program essential to that operator only. To make programming easier defaults can be saved tor three basic profiles, operators, managers and engineers.

Up to 2000 different users can be configured each with a unique profile. This enables many people to access the life safety system without compromising the systems integrity. Any operator accessing the system at any time is identified on the screen and recorded in the history log.

Following an alarm activation the screen can be configured to display any one or any combination of the following to pinpoint the location of the devise in alarm. By applying a site image there will be an option to customise your site or facility. Detailed plans can be provided by room, by floor or by block. Simple clear and concise messages can be displayed on the text display. The option of both visual and text screen to appear on activation is also available, therefore offering a combination.

Large Icons, comprehensive menu bars and subject specific help pages combine to simplify navigation. The large icons are provided to assist with navigation should a touch screen facility be used. Clear concise information and instructions with optional control facilities are available to help manage the incident and visualise the situation.

The event list provides a simple summary of all current events and their type, when they occurred, location, status and allows you to classify each event according to it’s nature, i.e. nuisance alarm due to burnt toast, dirty detector or emergency exit door having been accidently left open. The history log comprises a number of elements including: event history list, control history list, system history list and user history list. A powerful and varied search tool allows easy recall of any event including: by event, time/date, device type, user and classification.